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My work as a branded content director began after film school as a preditor shooting and editing for digital-native brands. My role has evolved to encompass end-to-end ownership of content and production for brands, from creating teams and processes, crafting strategy and creative direction, to editing and final delivery with a specialty in advertising and acquisition.​ I love the challenge of finding the authentic connection between people and brands and adding value through content.

When I'm not making video content, my passion is photography. I owe this interest to my father. Friday nights in my house were Family Movie Night. My dad pulled out the projector and we relived the best moments of our lives captured on 35mm stills and super 8 film. He has a great eye and I was getting an education in composition, storytelling, and the power of images to bring people together.

Career highlights:

  • Working with Kate Hudson on innovative TV spots for Fabletics that reduced the cost of acquiring new customers by 66% and put the business ahead of growth plans at a critical point early on. I was awarded by Techstyle Fashion Group (Fabletics, SavagexFenty, JustFab)  for taking initiative and delivering an outside-the-box concept that worked.​​​

    • ​​"Overnight we went from TV being way behind budget to being ahead of budget and last month acquired 10,000 more customers than planned."  - Adam Goldenberg, Techstyle Co-Founder

    • This is the most creative and entrepreneurial initiative that the team has done in a while." - Geraldine Martin-Coppola, Fabletics General Manager 

  • Building an in-house team from the ground up, and working cross-functionally with both brand and acquisition teams to concept, execute, and deliver over 100 pieces of content per month across 6 countries. 

  • Going live with Demi Lovato in Miami on New Years Day an event that topped Billboards chart for Facebook live with any artist in January 2018. 

  • Developing and producing Guided Prayer with Judah and Chelsea Smith, a new concept for Seventh Spark that was so successful it increased daily engagement rates in our mobile app from 35% to 75%. The franchise also garnered millions of shares on social media channels.

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